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Fundamentally, every human being has cancer. Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, which can develop into the widely feared disease. The good news is that our body can also break these cells down, thanks to our immune system. This is an internal army that protects our body and does everything it can to keep us healthy. Even cancer which is already in a somewhat advanced stage can pass on its own.

A human body would rather not give itself cancer at all. But if the internal cellular environment becomes so bad that a cell experiences it as life-threatening, for example due to the presence of agricultural poisons that almost everyone has in their body (1), the cell can revert to an old survival mechanism that lies hidden deep inside our DNA.

This program probably dates back to prehistoric times, when the first organisms had to learn to survive in the acidic and inhospitable environment we call the primordial soup. This cell differentiation turns the cell into a primitive, rampant cell that specializes in survival. It shields itself from the rest of the body and executes its emergency program as long as the cellular environment does not improve. A small advantage here is that a cancer cell can handle a lot more poison than normal cells, so that the other ones are somewhat relieved (2).

The immune system, which has developed more and more over the past millions of years, considers this barbaric cell behavior to be undesirable and wants to attack the emerging tumors. And rightly so, because cancer cells are not equipped with many of the self-regulatory mechanisms that normal cells do, which can cause tumors to disrupt the tissues and organs around them. This can take on such extraordinary proportions that it eventually becomes fatal to the organism as a whole, as we all know.

In most people the immune system succeeds in its task, and the cancer cells are made harmless, while the poison is also cleaned up as well as possible. However, for some this does not happen and the cancer can develop into a life-threatening condition. This can happen if the immune system is affected by, for example, stress, an excess of poison or an unhealthy diet, and no longer has the right weapons to disable the usury cells any longer.

Unfortunately we live in a world in which these weapons are kept away from us in various ways. The elite, the owners of the pharmaceutical industry, earn billions on diseases such as cancer every year (3). Because the elite also possess the mass media, hardly anyone ever writes about alternative treatments to heal cancer. Instead, less successful and often harmful treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments are promoted.

The value of a new patient for the cancer industry

But those better, cancer-healing methods do exist! There are various treatments for cancer which work well and often lead to full recovery. The nice thing about these methods is that you can usually do them at home and that there are no side effects, let alone operations or amputations. Yet they work better than the treatments applied in hospitals.

The best medicine against cancer

Right at the top is cannabis (also called hemp, weed or marijuana). Laboratory circumstances have shown that cannabinoids, the active substance from the hemp plant, attack cancer cells and destroy them. They do this without harming the healthy cells (4). In fact, they make these even healthier! Even in places that are difficult to access, such as the brain, this substance still does its work flawlessly. The healing effect of marijuana has been known for nearly as long as there have been humans on Earth, which is why remains of hemp have been found in centuries-old graves (5).

The main cancer adversary in the world, cannabis, is so effective that a statue should be erected for it. It is prohibited in most countries, but the plant can easily be grown both inside and outside your house (though maybe not as large as this one)

The main cancer adversary in the world, cannabis, is so effective that a statue should be erected for it. It is prohibited in most countries, but the plant can easily be grown both inside and outside your house (though maybe not as large as this one with Jorge Cervantes). With some diligence you can turn this into hemp oil or hemp juice yourself. If you smoke it, the effect will be much less

  Because the elite can't make any money from this free medication, a huge disinformation campaign had to be set up to demonise hemp (6). Doctors who refused to listen and continued to prescribe the remedy to their patients were dealth with mercilessly (7). An investigation by the American government that was supposed to denounce cannabis but instead praised it to the heavens, disappeared into a drawer as quickly as possible (8).
Hemp is still prohibited in most countries, despite the astounding results (9). Luckily more and more people have become reacquainted with this wonder plant since the rise of the internet, and plenty of hemp oil and hemp juice are produced again at home (10) and shared with others (11).

The juice is easier to make, because ready-made juice machines (also called juicers) are for sale everywhere. Do buy a good one, because hemp leaves are fairly tough. There are many types of cannabis plants, it's best to find one with a good level of cannabinoids THC and CBD (12), because these are first class cancer fighters (13). One small glass of juice is already full of cannabinoids, which not only attack the cancer cells, but also work as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants, among others (14). There are no side effects, which means it's not addictive either. Only if you use cannabis with a high THC content, there may be a light high sensation.

Concerning the oil, no more than one to three pin-heads are needed daily in order to let the medicine do its work, and in most cases the results can be felt immediately. Even cancer patients who have already been given up by regular medical care can recover completely through the use of cannabis. Hemp products are safe for everyone, including children (15).

As with all information on this site we encourage everyone not to believe us blindly, but to do research themselves. A large number of practical examples is available about the cancer-healing effect of cannabis, even on YouTube alone . Told by people like you and I, who only saw their situation worsen with the medication they received from their doctors, and who did research themselves. They ended up with marijuana and then healed their cancer on their own (16).

Jack Herer (middle) is the author of the bestseller "The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana". He traveled across the world to acquaint people with the healing effect of industrial hemp and medical marijuana. He offered 100,000 dollars to prove him wrong. Until the day he died of a heart attack (April 15, 2010) he had been able to keep this reward in his pocket

Jack Herer (17), (18) (middle) is the author of the bestseller "The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana". He traveled across the world to acquaint people with the healing effect of industrial hemp and medical marijuana. He offered 100,000 dollars to prove him wrong. Until the day he died of a heart attack (April 15, 2010) he had been able to keep this reward in his pocket

Other cancer adversaries

Soursop , also called graviola or guanábana, is a tree which is mostly found in Central America, the Amazon and Polynesia. Its large fruit of approximately ten inches works very effectively against various sorts of cancer, such as breast, prostate and lung cancer. This has been shown by, amongst others, university studies in South Korea and America (19). Laboratory tests showed that it kills cancer cells 10,000 times more effectively than Adriamycin, a medicine that is generally used in chemotherapy. Just as cannabinoids, the active substances in soursop attack the sick cells, but healthy cells are left alone.

You can take the juice from the fruit yourself (20), but it's better to treat it spagyrically first. This concentrated agent can be bought in natural shops, or online . Except from the fruit, the active substances can also be taken from the leaves, stem and bark of the soursop tree (21).


The Gerson therapy
Another method which achieves excellent results in the battle against cancer is the Gerson therapy (22). This method is somewhat more laborious than hemp oil. A strict diet is needed and a detoxication of the body that runs via the anus (23). On the other hand, no substances are needed which are prohibited in many countries, such as marijuana. So whoever can't get hemp oil or hemp juice, can certainly be helped by the Gerson therapy.


Apricot stones
Apricot and peach kernels are also an excellent help in preventing and curing cancer (24). The large amounts of vitamin B17 that they contain are highly effective against cancer cells. A huge amount of material can be found about this, sometimes even in the mainstream media (25). If you read contradictory statements, be aware that the pharmaceutical industry wilfully spreads false information on the internet, simply to create insecurity and confusion in people who try to benefit from alternative medicine.


Asparagus (26) is also good to add to your menu if you wish to prevent or combat cancer. It contains lots of folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and other powerful active ingredients. Especially glutathione, a strong antioxidant that helps restore the DNA in cells that have been harmed by cancer.


Doctor Hulda Clark
Doctor Hulda Clark (27) studied Biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, from which she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1950. Later on she obtained her Master's in Physiology at the University of Minnesota. All her studies focused on biophysics and cellular physiology. She discovered that cancer cells, like all matter, vibrate at a certain frequency. They can be destroyed by a combination of spices and a small "zapper". This is a small device that lets a low-voltage current run through the body to destroy sick cells, viruses and parasites. It can be ordered online (28).

A demonstration of Dr Clark's technology can be found on YouTube (29). Especially parts 3 and 4, about diagnosing and curing cancer and AIDS, are eye-openers.

Royal Rife

Royal Rife
The machines of the brilliant American inventor Royal Rife (30) (1888 - 1971) worked in the same manner. He cured people of cancer entirely, but was dealt with harshly by the establishment. Luckily his ideas were never lost and especially thanks to the internet, machines are now once again being built all over the world (31) and treatment centres that operate according to the Royal Rife method have been erected.

A documentary about Royal Rife's life (32) begins as follows:

"The atoms that come together to form a molecule, are held together with an energy bond that both emits and absorbs its own specific electromagnetic frequency. No two species of molecules have the same electromagnetic oscillations or energetic signature. By increasing the intensity of the harmonic frequency of the molecular structure of a wine glass, science can cause the glass to shatter. This is a commonly accepted law of nature. So why can't other molecules be isolated and destroyed the same way? Why can't the oscillation frequencies of killer viruses, like cancer and AIDS, be identified and destroyed? Why hasn't someone performed research? Well, someone has!"

Rife treatment method with contact points in South Africa

The basis of the Royal Rife technique has been translated into two different treatment methods nowadays. One of them sends a low-voltage current through the body via two contact points (photo above, in South Africa). This current heightens the frequency intensity at which viruses live, which destroys those viruses. This is very similar to Doctor Hulda Clark's "zapper" (28).

The other treatment method makes use of plasma lamps, which send the light to the body with a certain frequency (photo below, on the Philippines). A body, just like all other matter, is nothing else than light energy with a certain frequency. So the healing light goes past everything that has a different frequency, such as healthy tissue. It only comes into action if it encounters something of its own frequency, such as cancer cells or parasites. These are blown up, and this can cure every illness. Royal Rife proved this in 1931 (32).

According to reports, the second method, with plasma lamps, works better than the method with contact points. This is also the only method that was supported by Rife himself.

Rife treatment method with plasma lamps in the Philippines

Lots of oxygen, no acids

Cancer cells don't thrive in an environment with lots of oxygen (33). Blood provides the body with oxygen, so an optimal oxygen level in the blood helps to prevent dissemination. Blood consists for over 90% of water. Scientists have shown that water has so much consciousness that it reacts to its environment. When you drink structured water, your blood reacts to this nearly immediately and it absorbs more oxygen (34). You can buy various water vitalizers that structure the water on the web.

Water ionization is a different process, but it does have the same favourable effects. Hydrogen ions bind oxygen. In cancer patients, the oxygenation process is often disturbed, because the body is too acidic. This can be caused by a bad diet with food that lowers our pH, such as meat, soft drinks and sugars. The more acidic our blood, the less oxygen is available for our cells and the sicker they become. This is how cancer forms (35).

Ionized water helps to restore the pH balance in the body. Wheatgrass (36) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) (37), (38) do the same. Simply restoring the pH balance in the body is often sufficient in order to send the cancer into remission. With litmus paper you can check what your pH is. The pH of your urine is usually not quite the same as that of your tissues and body fluids where the cancer may occur, but it does give an indication. Ideal is a value around 7.35 to 7.45, everything lower is (too) acidic.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing
Both a technical and a spiritual manner exist for nearly everything you wish to accomplish. The curing of cancer is no exception: purely spiritual methods exist for this too. Through using the power of thought of the Law of Attraction, cancer can disappear entirely, with a speed which western physicians thought impossible (39).

However, a very deep conviction is necessary for this, which normally can't be mastered that easily. Unless you've experienced something extraordinary, for example a near-death-experience (40). So most people are better off setting to work in a technical manner, in the way some of them are described on this page.

When the mind is positve a more satisfactory treatment of cancer will follow. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Someone always complaining, tired of living or traumatic, will be more receptive to acidification and cancer.
The healing power of positive energy is huge, as shown in the placedo-effect (41). Epigenetics tells us not only the genome (the total of genetic information) determine function and condition of a cell, but even more so the epigenome. The epigenome determines which genes are activated by forming a layer of chemical receptors. One of the biggest steering forces of the epigenome is...the mind! (42)

The German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer (43) performed revolutionary research. He even went as far as stating that every tumor is caused by mental trauma (44). That means that a cure can be found in psychological treatment, resolution of conflict and forgiveness. The University of Travna, Slovakia, researched the results of his treatments in 1998. It turned out that no less than 95% of all his former cancer patients were still alive after 5 years. Better yet, a lot of them were fully recovered. No conventional treatment comes even close to this result (45).

The fact that he was right, also shows in the reaction of the establishment. Horrified by his proving them wrong, they even threw him in jail. Eventually he moved to Norway. It was impossible to refute his claims, however, so nowadays the so-called "German New Medicine" is based on his ideas (46).

Colon cancerhe's a spacerLung cancer
he's a spacer
Colon cancerhe's a spacerLung cancer

Breast cancerhe's a spacerEsophageal cancer
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Breast cancerhe's a spacerEsophageal cancer

The results of conventional treatments such as chemo, radiation and surgery are downright sad (46).
The vast majority of patients die within 5 years of starting treatment

  That's not all, folks!

There are many more cures for cancer, some of which are extremely simple and cheap, like grape seeds (47), carrot juice (48) and dichloroacetic acid (DCA) (49).
Other treatments have been discovered by doctors. Like Dr Burzynski, who saved the lives of thousands of cancer patients with his treatment method, which is based on the genetic process that makes cancer cells innocuous. And it still does (50), but encounters more and more opposition from the American authorities.
Or like the Swedish gene therapist Magnus Essand, who discovered a virus that destroys cancer cells, but can't find a sponsor to build up his invention (51).

Just as many other promising initiatives, these inventors are completely ignored by the well-known "charities" which manage to collect many billions every year, supposedly for cancer research. All of these organisations with beautiful websites and impressive PR departments, but the truth is that this money rarely ends up in the right place. Instead, throughout history inventors of medication for cancer have been sabotaged, made to look ridiculous, kept quiet, fired from their occupation and prosecuted by the establishment. The documentary "Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" (52) portrays some of them. More information about this documentary can be found on Personalgrowthcourses.net.

American author/actress Suzanne Somers also wrote a book about doctors who cured patients with cancer and were still curing them, named "Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer--And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place". An interview with her can be viewed online, again on YouTube (53) (where would we be without YouTube?) ;)

Lies have long legs...

Luckily the closed world of the pharmaceutical industry also has its whistleblowers. Like Gwen Olsen and John Rengen Virapen, former representatives of pharmaceutical companies. Among other things, they explain why big pharma has no interest in curing cancer (54) and (55). Or cardiovascular diseases, or Alzheimer's, or AIDS, or any other illness for that matter.

That's bad news, but the good news is that treatments do exist! By informing yourself well you can find the right treatment, for yourself or for someone dear to you.


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