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Crop Circles

Crop circles
Crop circles are an old phenomenon. They were already described in medieval books and newspapers. Just as the pyramids and old works of art, they form evidence for extraterrestrial visits to Earth, with the big difference that new crop circles are still being made regularly. And in the last decades they have been becoming increasingly larger and more beautiful in design.

Silbury Hill (Wiltshire), 5 July 2009

Silbury Hill (Wiltshire), 5 July 2009 (Photo: Lucy Pringle)

  Most crop circles are formed in the southwest of England, but they are found everywhere in the world. They usually appear in grain fields, but also in other crops, such as colza, corn, grass, etc. In rare cases they have even been found on ice, snow or clayground (1).

What is noticeable when you're close to the flattened grain stalks is that they're not broken. They've been bent naturally, as though they grew this way. This makes them easy to distinguish from circles made by humans, which occasionally appear in the fields as a joke, work of art or even as an advertisement.

The often beautiful formations which can sometimes have a size of hundreds of yards, are nearly entirely ignored by the controlled mainstream media. Not until 1991, when two English pranksters with the names Doug and Dave came forward and claimed that they were responsible for the circles, did the media dive into it and was the phenomenon concluded to be a hoax. Even when Doug and Dave turned out to be completely unable to reproduce these circles in practice, while in the meantime complex creations were still appearing in the fields, the media continued to remain silent.

Ogbourne Down Gallop (Wiltshire), 
24 July 2009

Ogbourne Down Gallop (Wiltshire), 24 July 2009 (Photo: Lucy Pringle)

  Strange qualities

On our home page we cited the American scientist Pete Peterson, who said that adjusting your world view runs through the brain's pain centre. If you research the crop circle phenomenon and wish to find an explanation for it through mainstream science, you will undoubtedly experience this. There are simply too many factors that cannot be explained through the work of man or natural phenomena:

  • The immaculate patterns that refer to the highest forms in geometry

  • The altered biochemical composition of the grain seeds and the soil

  • The increase in the crystal structure of clay minerals in the soil, something that is "officially" only possible in sedimentary rock (2)

  • The complex mutual weaving patterns in the flattened stalks (3), (4)

  • The fact that they can apparently be formed within several minutes, even in fields which are constantly monitored (because every croppy would like to catch the makers in the act) (5)

  • Some circles in the formations follow the uneven terrain. They are deformed in order to appear perfectly round from above.

  • The fact that farmers sometimes see steam rise from freshly formed circles

  • The natural bend of the stalks, sometimes no more than four inches below the top (try to manage that with a plank!)

  • The connections some circles have with each other, even though there are sometimes decades between them

  • The enormous size of sometimes hundreds of yards

  • The small orbs of light and flashes that are observed above grain fields

  • Formations that arise after mutual conversations between researchers, which clearly refer to what was discussed

  • The radiation energy that is observed in the circles and that sometimes puts electrical equipment out of action

  • The fact that, after the original circle has been harvested, a "ghost circle" can still be seen the next year (6). When snow falls on a ploughed field, even after two winters, the pattern still shows, because that's where the snow melts last.

  • Poirino, Italy

    Above: on 20 June 2011, this formation was discovered in the Italian town Poirino

    Below: After the crops had been harvested and the field had been ploughed, grass grew first in the spot where the circle had been

    Poirino, Italy

  • The strange physical symptoms that sometimes occur in people who have visited a crop circle, and which seem to relate to hormones. Symptoms such as a brief recurring menstruation after menopause in women, and increased melatonin levels (melatonin is created in the pineal gland and has a mind-altering effect)

  • The fact that there is rarely a failed circle

  • The abscence of any trail of the culprits, such as snapped stalks or prints of compasslike instruments which would be needed for the circle patterns

  • The fact that all grain stalks went flat in a formation, while others crops growing in between are still erect

  • Etc.

  Caught in the act!

What are perhaps the most fascinating film images that have ever been made of a crop circle were shot in 1996 by a student named John Wayleigh, on the hill of Oliver's Castle in Wiltshire. Early in the morning he captured on his camera how two orbs of light flew after each other above a field, where soon after a new formation appeared (7). He hurried over to "The Barge Inn", the pub where croppies like to get together, and showed the images to his dumbfounded audience. So that was how they were made...? A short while later they indeed found a fresh circle in the field near Oliver's Castle.

Crop circle near Oliver's Castle in 1996

The crop circle near Oliver's Castle of which the creation was captured on film in July 1996 by John Wayleigh (7)

The phenomenon of two orbs of light creating crop circles as they fly after each other, as though they're playing a game with each other, has also been seen in other formations (8). Even on other continents, in places where usually nobody occupies themselves with this (9).

In 2007 researchers left a number of different cameras running in a field near Silsbury Hill in England all night, including an infrared camera. Near morning there was a sudden flash and shortly afterwards there was indeed a complex formation in the field (5).

Who dunnit?

Many beautiful documentaries have been made about the crop circle phenomenon. In one of these (10) the contactee Judith, who heard from her extraterrestrial contacts how the circles are created, speaks up. It's the sort of physics we probably won't be ready for in the next few (thousands of) years:

"Crop circles are made by the Arcturians, appointed by the Galactic Federation. The blueprint of a new crop circle is made on the Arcturian mother ship. These formulas are then brought into the energy of the Earth, and as soon as they enter our biosphere they turn into orbs of light and sound, which make the circle."

Other sources also point out the extraterrestrial visitors who originated from Arcturus and Sirius as the makers of the crop circles. The description of the creation process matches the process of making spirals in the air, as described by the members of the Galactic Federation who are channelled by Blossom Goodchild (11). Such spirals have been seen in Norway (12) and China, among other places.

Angry farmer

The owners of the crop fields react differently to the circles. One mows them away angrily, another tries to make a penny out of them

Happy farmer

"You name it, we've got it!"

One of the most extraordinary sides to the crop circle phenomenon is that they are sometimes created as 'made to order'. Several circles have appeared that exactly meet the place and form that were wished for by people shortly before. Technically this is easy to explain, because the assumed makers, the Arcturians and the Sirians, are in a higher dimension and therefore invisible to us. But for earthlings it's an odd experience to know that conversations about crop circles can apparently be heard by higher entities - even if those conversations take place in a noisy two-person plane!

The famous crop circle researcher (and deviser of the term "crop circle") Colin Andrews (13) and Dutch researcher Janet Ossebaard, for instance, speak about this (14), although the latter has another explanation for this phenomenon.

Authorities keep track of new crop circles' development every year

Authorities keep track of new crop circles' development every year. Even though they deny showing any interest in this phenomenon, their black helicopters fly low over the fields to take pictures of visitors and their cars.

"Crop Circles: the Evidence", by Janet Ossebaard, is a book worth reading. She mentions a retired British army major confided the following in the year 2000: they use infra-red measuring instruments which show blueprints in the fields at the start of the season. So even before the actual formation appears in the crop! According to the retired military officer most blueprints never even make it to a circle and stay hidden to the public.


Of course, the big question is: what is the point of the circles? Just as with other things extraterrestrial visitors on Earth created, such as the pyramids and others constructions (15), they most likely have more than one function.

It's clear that some formations are meant as a message to mankind. Especially the two formations that appeared on a field next to Chilbolton's radio telescope on 20 August 2001 speak volumes. One showed a human face and the other was an answer to the radio signal that was sent into space in 1974 with the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, in which 'we' introduced ourselves to possible extraterrestrials (16).

Left: Chilbolton's formation. Right: the original radio message that was sent into space 27 years earlier

Left: Chilbolton's formation.

Right: the original radio message that was sent into space 27 years earlier (16)

  What other functions they have is not known precisely (to us), but various sources report that they're markings, and sometimes portray flags of extraterrestrial civilizations. Another remarkable fact is that they nearly always appear in places with lots of groundwater.


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