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Spirit Guides and Angels

Spirit Guides and Angels
Before a soul reincarnates, it makes a plan for its new life. This life obviously has to match its needs as well as possible. So it will want to resolve as much outstanding karma as it can, gain experiences that can help with its evolution, and if possible, the whole also has to be a bit of fun of course.

The planning takes a lot of time, because in principle everything is possible. The soul can choose the country and the social class which it will incarnate into, and it must also find other souls willing to play roles that best match its plans. The soul's guides help with this. When everything is arranged and the soul contract is drawn up, it may take the stage again and begin its new role.

Guardian angels

Especially in the lower dimensions, in which we also reside, life isn't easy. Contrary to higher dimensions, where beings mostly shape their lives themselves through the power of their thoughts, a lot can go wrong here. We're constantly being confronted with problems and dangers. To guide all this in the right way, everyone has a guardian angel. Guides can vary from life to life, and can even alternate during your life. But your guardian angel always stays with you.

Spirit guides draw their advice largely from their own experience. They've often themselves led a life as a human being on Earth, and sometimes are part of the group of souls that your soul also belongs to, and that move from incarnation to incarnation together. Since each soul has learned different lessons, one guide will be able to advise you better when for example you have a successful career, and you've chosen in your soul contract to share your wealth with others. While another guide can serve you better when you've ended up in a divorce, and you wanted to learn to do this as much as possible in the interest of your children and your ex.

Your guardian angel however, has already been with you for as long as you have existed, and will never leave your side. Because the lower dimensions are so dangerous, they make sure that you'll actually receive all the experiences in your life that you had 'ordered' in your soul contract. So you won't fall off a climbing rack as a child, break your back and immediately return to heaven or end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, through which certain experiences aren't possible anymore. If you did run into a life altering injury, you can be assured that that's how you chose it in your soul contract, however unlikely that may sound to you in this dimension. Everything is about experience, and although suffering is absolutely no fun, the soul learns a lot from it.

Your guardian angel has many tools available to him or her to protect you (although angels have no gender, their energy can be male or female). They reside in a higher dimension, so they're not bound by linear time. When they see, for example, that you're being hit by a car and get injured in such a way that this would influence your soul contract too much, they can go back in time. They can change something there through which you depart just a second later. As a result, the car misses you by a hair's breadth.
Think back on your own life or that of your loved ones - how often did it happen that a certain situation could have, or logically speaking even should have ended up much more seriously, but you came out almost unharmed? In such moments you can almost be sure that your guardian angel was at work. And since guardian angels are aware of all your thoughts and feelings, it wouldn't harm you to thank them for that :)

Sometimes a guardian angel chooses a solution that's a bit more visible to all that are involved. Most times this is called a miracle, and these events often make it into the media (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6). This can be chosen to raise the consciousness of those directly involved, or that of mankind in general. Since everything is energy, and angels have complete control over energy, the temporary dematerialisation of matter, a miraculous healing, or the invisible obstructing of possible fatal accidents, creates no problem for them.

Your guardian angel always watches over you

Your guardian angel always watches over you

  Even more angels

There are other angels besides guardian angels, that can be sent in for all sorts of duties. They help to carry out God's plans for each cycle as well as possible. But they can also help you with something on an individual basis. This can be for personal growth, or just for something practical. Angels, archangels and spirit guides can hear you always and everywhere, even in your thoughts, so you can always call on them. It's then up to them to decide whether they give heed to this or not, especially with regards to your soul contract.

They're incredibly sweet beings who always like to help, so don't hesitate to ask them. If you don't ask them, the universal Law of Non-Interference that applies to higher alien beings for instance, also applies to them. This means that they can't help you then, because it's regarded as unwanted interference when a higher being intervenes uninvited in the natural development of a lower being.

Our own experience is such that the chance for help from above is greater when you have already made some effort to achieve something yourself. They're not there to just be made a stooge of, while you yourself sit back and relax. But if you seriously tried something and it still didn't work out, for example when a pet has run away and you can't find it anywhere, then you can always call on them. Just ask with your thoughts if they would please want to return the little animal, and our own experience is that it almost always works.

No help

There are a few exceptions, whereby your guardian angel isn't allowed to prevent your soul contract from being ended prematurely. One of those is suicide. If you choose to end your own life, that is your own free will and so your guardian angel won't interfere. However, you're offered a last chance to return before you go into heaven, because suicide is almost never desirable. To a soul, a life ended by its own hand, remains a deed which it will always think back on with regret. That's because it left a chance for development unused and besides that, almost always karma is being created by such a decision. After all, in case of suicide usually loved ones stay behind on whom such an event leaves deep marks. That karma will have to be redeemed in following lives.

"There will be others amongst you who will pick up on lives shortened by suicide, and even these souls are given a last minute opportunity to change their minds. They are met by their guides who are aware of their original life plan and shown the outcome, and how it would affect their family and friends. We can assure that because of it many souls are grateful to have had the chance to change their minds. Generally speaking in any one lifetime you do not undertake anymore than you can handle. In these end times there are however many souls who are anxious to clear their karma, and have packed their life full of experiences." - SaLuSa, channeled by Mike Quinsey, December 2, 2011

Another exception where your guardian angel can't interfere, is murder. One of the most important laws that God equipped this universe with, is the Law of Free Will. Angels aren't allowed to go against universal laws, so if someone wants to kill you, that's his free will and your guardian angel can't stop this. With this however, compensations are possible for the soul of the victim because it couldn't help that its soul contract was ended prematurely.
Obviously the murder also causes the offender a cartload of karma, that will only be redeemed once he himself undergoes a similar fate.

There are cases however, in which higher beings are allowed to interfere if someone is in danger of being murdered. That is for example, when that person plays such an important role in a larger process, for example the Ascension of the Earth, that it would have too many consequences if they died. Such a person is then actually invulnerable (without knowing it). This is also predetermined in the soul contract. The actual protection doesn't necessarily have to be executed by the guardian angel, it can also be done by the Galactic Federation for example. But the communication about the fate of a soul always runs through the guardian angel.


Not only humans and animals have protectors, trees and plants also have helpers who make sure that everything goes according to plan as much as possible. These spirits of nature are called devas, or the devic kingdom. Among others the well-known fairies from fairy tales are a part of it. Yes indeed, just like so many other legends, like mermaids, dragons and Minotaurs, fairies really do exist! (7) Just like other higher beings, they're aware of all your thoughts when you're around them. And you can always ask them for help. So if you're lost in a forest, don't hesitate to call upon the fairies, because they would certainly like to help you find the way back.

Not all fairies use stardust, but they can fly just as well as this one!

Not all fairies use stardust, but they can fly just as well as this one!


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