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Our planet is scattered with mysterious artifacts. They just don't seem to fit into the current Historiography and are therefore called "out of place art" or "OOPArt". So much of this "OOPArt" (1) has been found and documented that a person using their common sense would begin to question this current historiography. Governments and current science however, either stubbornly ignore these finds or write them off as a hoax. And that's a shame, because this way the average museum visitor is deprived of these curious links to the ancient past. Scientists who delve into these artifacts and walk outside of the marked pathways risk their professional careers (2). Things like God, extraterrestrial life, Atlantis and practically every other subject explored on this site are not accepted by the establishment.

The Waldemar Julsrud Collection

The Waldemar Julsrud collection is a collection of ceramics from Acámbaro, Mexico. The statues show not only human figures, but monsters, tens of recognizable dinosaurs, people together with dinosaurs, and flying saucers. The age has been determined by two independent institutes to be 3,000 to 7,000 years old.

The Waldemar Julsrud collection

Crystal Skulls

Many theories exist about crystal skulls. No one seems to know exactly how many exist and who made them. Deciphering this mystery is complicated even more by the fact that most skulls nowadays are simply made by human hands. Many sources however say that the original 13 skulls were brought to Earth by extraterrestrial beings long ago, to help mankind in its development. Indigenous peoples and psychics say that the skulls have magic powers.

The Mitchell-Hedges Skull

The Klerksdorp Spheres

The Klerksdorp spheres
The Klerksdorp spheres are small spheres, found in 3 billion year old layers of stone in South-Africa. Although some scientists claim that these spheres could have been created by a natural process, this theory seems to have been devised simply to avoid having to think about other explanations, like the ones we present on these pages :)
In fact, the spheres are perfectly balanced and often contain small rims or lines around the middle, that are too flawless to simply come into being.

The spheres are hollow, and in the centre of some of them there's a sticky substance that turns to dust when it comes into contact with air. They are made of a rock-hard metal with a unique chemical composition. Although they are found in diamond and coal mines, the gigantic pressure under which these elements are formed, are apparently not enough to corrode the spheres. Several hundreds of them have been found, every one unique. What their purpose was, nobody knows (at least we don't).

The Klerksdorp Spheres

Stone spheres

Throughout the world, stone spheres are found. The most famous are the ones from Costa Rica, but also in Mexico, Australia, Egypt and Bosnia spheres have been discovered. Some of them have a radius of almost 3 meters and weigh about 15 tons. They are finished rather smoothly and almost perfectly round. Most of them are made of a volcanic mineral called gabbro, that is not commonly present in the neighborhood of the places where the spheres are found. Lots of them are found in groups and seem to represent an astronomical configuration. Just a few stones have carvings, and they seem to represent constellations.

Stone spheres

The Ica Stones

The story of the Ica Stones resembles that of the Waldemar Julsrud collection. Only this collection contains no ceramics, but tens of thousands of engraved stones. The engravings show the most outlandish drawings, varying from recognizable dinosaurs and lost continents to (homo-)erotica, mermaids, UFO's etc. They were found in the sixties in ravines and caves near Ica. That place is situated only yards away from the Nazca-figures and lines in Peru, where also many skulls of extraterrestrial visitors have been found. The stones are andesite, a rock-hard volcanic stone which is very hard to process by hand. The University of Madrid examined the engravings, and stated that they most likely were made about 100,000 years ago.

The Ica Stones

The UFO-artifacts of Mexico

In a dry area in Central Mexico, between the cities Pinos and Ojuelos de Jalisco, for years and years the most bizarre UFO-artifacts have been found. They have been investigated for more than ten years by observers, of the Nahui Ollin Foundation ("Nahui Ollin" is the Aztec name for the era we live in at his moment, the so-called "Fifth World"). They try to convince the government and the scientists of the importance of their findings, but get no positive response at all.

The works of art sometimes refer to Aztec calendars, but also show pictures of astronauts, comets and extraterrestrial beings. Many UFO's can be seen, among others, there is one that flies out of the sun in the tail of a comet which is pulled by another UFO. There are puppets with pointy heads, with long heads, small eyes or very big eyes. Solar eruptions are pictured, black holes, wormholes, UFO's with beings in them, you name it.

The UFO-artifacts of Mexico

And there's (much) more....

Listed here are just some of the extraterrestrial artifacts, but many more exist (3). Wikipedia has a page on these "unexplainable" artifacts (4), and the bizarre explanations that modern science made up for them.

But even that page shows just a fraction of the mysterious artifacts that the Earth has to offer. Whoever wants to get an impression of the variety and similarities, will surely find the work of the Austrian artifacts expert and researcher Klaus Dona very interesting (5), (6).

In an old tunnel system near Guayaquil in Ecuador alone, more than 350 fantastic works of art have been found which can't be explained by modern science in any way.

Work of art with illuminati pyramid from Ecuador

This work of art is probably one of the most important archeological discoveries ever made . It was found in the old tunnel system near Guayaquil, in Ecuador (7). It shows the famous illuminati pyramid with the "all-seeing eye", which still can be found on every 1 dollar bill.

This provides irrefutable evidence that this power structure has an ancient origin. Apart from that, it is also a tangible indication that the negative extraterrestrial beings that are behind the illuminati, long ago landed on Earth to introduce their invisible control system on our planet deliberately. This is confirmed in many modern day channelings with benevolent extraterrestrial beings.


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