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The Reptilians
Reptilians are an ancient extraterrestrial species that originate from another universe. Because of the junction of two universes, they also ended up in ours. The God of our universe calls this "a mistake in hindsight" in his conversations with former journalist and psychic Suzanne Ward (1), because he had not been able to foresee how much havoc this race would cause in his universe. For many people the notion that God can make mistakes might be difficult to grasp, but as has been said, the entire idea behind the Creation was to experience. This means that God and the Creator don't always know beforehand how things will develop.

Although there are also positive reptilian civilizations that evolve spiritually, the negative ones are infamous for their malice and aggression. This species has stopped developing. You can compare them to the white shark in our oceans, which also stopped developing hundreds of thousands of years ago. The animal is finished. And the result is impressive. An adult reptilian is a 13-feet tall, physically and mentally very strong, completely telepathic, incredibly fast and intelligent creature. They can live for thousands of years.
"The ultimate warriors" was what the Andromedan contactee Alex Collier calls them (2). "If you ever run into them, there is only one thing you can do: run."


Full-blooded reptilians have a scaly skin and walk upright, just like humans. They look like humans in their physical build as well, with the largest difference being that they lay eggs. The negative reptilians that live on Earth form the top of the pyramid-shaped power structure the illuminati use to rule our planet, and therefore they pull all the strings. A former human slave of theirs, Arizona Wilder (3), said that on Earth there are various places where their eggs are kept and hatched, for example, in French and Belgian castles which are the property of powerful illuminati families such as the Rothschilds.

The higher a reptilian's status, the more features it physically decorates itself with, for example a tail, wings and a bony ring around its head. Because of a reptilian's mental power it can influence what its body looks like. In the photo below you can see a work of art which portrays the main reptilian nicknamed "The Beast". He used to hide somewhere in an underground city in America, but there are reports that he has left Earth by now. However, the worldwide illuminati network he was in charge of is still fully active.

The Beast

"The Beast"

Reptilians often wear black clothing of a protective material which repairs itself. This is why the Pleiadians jokingly call them "the Black T-shirts". By human standards, reptilians are described as 'very ugly'. Just as with humans and greys, there are bigger and smaller species of reptilians in the universe.

In 1996 the American Jonathan Reed (4), a starting physician, ran into an extraterrestrial being in the forest, which immediately attacked his dog. He managed to strike down the creature with a piece of wood and took it home. There he took photos and videos. Because this creature was also wearing black, self-repairing clothing, it is suspected that it concerned a small reptilian. This is one of the photos he took:



Later, in an interview with American radioprogram Coast to Coast AM, Jonathan Reed said it wasn't a reptilian, but a small robotic creature conducting (peaceful) reseach on Earth for another extraterrestial civilization (5). He since made contact with this civilization.

So far no authentic pictures of reptilians have ever been published, as far as we know.

Their interests

Because negative reptilians have completely finished their development, they only have one thing left to do: pass their time. And they do this by causing misery everywhere in the universe. The wars between humans and reptilians that lasted for thousands of years are legendary.

Everywhere where reptilians manage to conquer a human people, the consequences are incalcubale: they eat humans, make slaves out of them and abuse and torture them in all possible manners. They prefer children. Even sexually, because reptilians are creatures with a large focus on sex. The energy a child in terror radiates is seen as a delicacy for the negative reptilians. Reptilians live in both the third and the fourth dimension. They can switch back and forth between these, but often need help for this, for example from an earthly master that summons them.

Shape shifting

A special characteristic they have is that they can change form. This is usually referred to as "shapeshifting". They can carry a human DNA package, which they can transfer to whenever they wish. This transforms them from large reptilian creatures weighing hundreds of pounds into a human being of not even two hundred pounds. Most physicists will claim that this is impossible, but this is because the exact functioning of DNA is still unknown to them. But DNA dictates energy, and can allow every organism to change from one form into the other at will.

As a child, researcher and psychic Stewart Swerdlow was used for experiments in the black ops circuit, where he learned about reptilians. According to him, reptilians can easily shift shapes to humans because humans carry reptilian genes.

This is because our humankind homo sapiens was created a long time ago by the alien Anunnaki in South Africa. They mixed their own half-human/half-reptilian DNA with the native Lemurian DNA over there. That's why the oldest part of the human brain consists of the so-called "reptilian brain" and also why the human embryo looks like a small reptile (including a tail). To shift shape in a satisfying manner reptilians will have to take human flesh, blood and anxiety-energy regularly.

Reptilians that don't carry human DNA use other techniques to shift shapes. A portable device is used to create a hologram solid enough to appear like a normal human being (6).

Because the reptilian is their true nature, it's not always easy for them to remain in their human form. Especially when anger or excitement are involved it requires great effort for them to keep control and you can sometimes see the first phase of transformation shine through via their eyes or skin. Their eyes get elongated pupils and their skin becomes green and scaly.

Always someone bigger

No matter how strong the reptilians are, in the end spiritual power always wins from physical power in the universe. The most highly developed spiritual beings can move entire mountains with one single thought.

This also means that reptilians are not in charge in the cosmos. A long time ago the reptilians dominated our universe, but by now they have long been surpassed by civilizations that have followed the path of peace and love. They work together in unity in their spiritual and technological development, and have combined their forces throughout the entire universe. This made their control of energy, and so their technology and their weapons (which they only use in defense), so much better than those of reptilians and other negative species, that they are not in danger from them anymore.

The collaboration amongst negative species is much smaller, because they often mutually distrust and hate each other. However, this still doesn't stop them from causing death and destruction on planets that aren't as far in their development. To them, not spiritual development, but military force determines the hierarchy. This behaviour continually violates the Universal Law of Non-Interference, but since every living creature was given free will by the Creator, they continue doing it. God never punishes, he only tries to encourage the good in his universe as much as possible and make the evil see the light. He gets helps for this from, amongst others, the Galactic Federation. Of course deliberately harming others does create karma.

Small statue of a reptilian creature, found in the Nomoli collection

Small statue of a reptilian creature, found in the Nomoli collection from Sierra Leone

Reptilian visitors have been on Earth many times. They were the first intelligent creatures to ever set foot on our planet, millions of years ago. That's why they see our planet as their property. However, due to conflicts or out of boredom, they always left.

Their last visit

The most recent time their arrival didn't come with much clang of arms, because they had a different plan instead. Over 4,000 years ago they arrived with a relatively small group, which had decided to terrorise the place, without being noticed. Perhaps previous experiences had taught them that they could enjoy all the good humankind has to offer (human meat, sex, blood rituals, man-hunts, fear-energy, etc) for much longer if they weren't seen. The people must be kept as ignorant as possible to accomplish this.

Knowledge = power, so as much knowledge among the humans as possible had to be destroyed. The various fires in the library of Alexandria in the Roman era are a famous example of this. A treasure of knowledge was lost there, including about Atlantis and Lemuria, extraterrestrial civilizations, spirituality and high technology. The removal of chapters and texts from the Bible that spoke of extraterrestrial visitors, such as the Book of Enoch, was a consequence of this as well.

Apart from that, there was worldwide infiltration in universities, so the most important information could be removed from textbooks and be replaced by information that supported the establishment. And nowadays nearly all media, except the internet, are controlled, so the people have to process a continuous stream of frightening news and senseless entertainment.
The people must always be distracted from the truth. Give them bread and circuses, was the creed of the ruling class driven by the reptilians, then the people would remain content.

World dominion

This tactic worked wonderfully well for years, and the reptilians indeed managed to monitor nearly the entire world without the human population noticing a thing. They built up an impressive, mostly invisible network that is still in place today thanks to the efforts of millions of employees.

But even among those employees the amount of knowledge is kept to a minimum. For example, the lower divisions of secret services, government bodies, pharmaceutical companies, armies and judicial authorities often really don't know for whom they're actually working and what their agenda is. Even higher in the pyramid structure everything is kept separated as much as possible and hardly anyone knows the entire picture. This is called compartmentalisation, or working on a "need to know" basis. Nobody is told more than strictly necessary.

Whoever revolts against this system, such as presidents who wish to reform their country positively or inventors who wish to introduce free-energy machines, are bribed, threatened or killed (7).

Apart from the full-blooded reptilians there are also many crossbreedings between humans and reptilians, which are called hybrids. These exist in all shapes and sizes, some containing much reptilian blood, others only a little. Most of them don't like beauty or nature, but filthy, immoral places. They are attracted by places such as Las Vegas. They can also frequently be found in Hollywood or on TV, because they enjoy posing as normal people to the public, even though they actually aren't. The dark camp adores secrets.

The end is in sight

So the actions and plans of the reptilians on Earth mostly stay hidden from us. There are signs that their influence on Earth is diminishing, though, or has already largely disappeared. In the run-up to the Ascension the Schumann frequency of our planet gets increasingly higher, and creatures with a low vibration like theirs can't stand it. The peaceful entities originating from Sirius that are channelled by Sheldan Nidle, say that the Earthly reptilians made peace with the Galactic Federation in 1994, and left (8).

Because God and highly developed civilizations respect the principle of free will as much as possible, the deeds of reptilians are tolerated as long as the overall balance of life in the universe is not in danger. In some way their role is even needed, because for a soul's development it is useful to also experience negativity. A life in duality (a society with both good and bad sides, like ours) provides the soul with countless insights which can barely be learned in higher dimensions. This is helpful if one develops further and starts to help others, which is seen as the greatest good in the universe.

This is why the role of negative entities, as with everything in the universe, cannot be seen as black and white. There are sources (9), (10) that say that an utmost negative development can still eventually lead to unification with the Creator, and even faster than a path of enlightenment. This is why it's better not to judge and to have faith that one day it will be clear to you how ingeniously it's all connected.


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